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Meet The Leadership Team

Cedarcreek Leadership is made up of staff members and called members of the congregation who run various ministries. They meet once a month to discuss budget, ministries, and other church issues. These meetings are open to congregational members and the minutes are available at any time.

Connect with our Office Manager to receive a copy.

Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC), of Cedarcreek Covenant Church exists to make sure that there is a vital and mutually beneficial relationship between our congregation and our pastor.


The PRC is excited to serve our pastor and our church through the process and prayerful handling of any church grievances.  It will always be the focus and aim of each issue to be handled with prayer and the specific intention to move towards restoration and reconciliation.  It is the privilege of the PRC to be as a conduit between the congregation members whom may have issue with out pastor or our pastor as he may have issues with congregational members.

If you would like to set up a meeting with a PRC member, please email them at

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