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Cedarcreek Covenant Church has a vibrant ministry partnership with a local Burmese pastor who planted a church in the slums of Yangon, Myanmar. Agape Myanmar Mission Church (AMMC) continues to grow and flourish in the face of oppression and in a primarily buddhist culture. In the past, Cedarcreek members have traveled to Yangon to visit Pastor Daniel, AMMC in order to continue to build relationships with our Burmese brother and sisters in Christ.

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Connect with Outreach Leadership Team Member, Sunil Victor to find out more.



Since 2015, we've had a fundraiser where the offerings go to stock the pantries of women, widows and orphans in the Middle Eastern country of Pakistan. This beautiful ministry opportunity was presented to Cedarcreek from one of our Pakistani families and this directly effects their community.


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Meg Lyons to find out more.


Vine Maple Place


We support Christmas at Vine Maple Place.  Our congregation is given an opportunity to purchases small gifts ($10 to $20) for children and moms.  The children and mom pick a family name and then choose from the donations provided.  


Along with other local churches we also support Vine Maple Place’s fundraiser in April. It is a blessing to be part of a God-directed, grass-roots organization in providing financial training and housing for at-risk families.

Connect with our Leadership Team member, Meg Lyons to find out more

or connect with Vine Maple Place directly by clicking HERE.

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